Blue Brand, What exactly do you do?

Social Media Management

Blue Brand will set up your social media accounts base on your target clients and the type of niche that you intend to be part of. 

Managing your social media accounts is what we consider as full service. We start from  setting up your accounts, marketing, advertising, monitoring, and reporting. 

We normally suggest our clients in taking an annual contract with us. Due to full implementations of marketing plans and strategies. 

Social Media Marketing

Clients that have initiated in establishing their social media accounts. We run audits, discuss business plans, marketing strategies and align them to their social media marketing campaign. 

This is purely planning, strategies and monitoring.

Blue Brand and our client, identifies the strengthen and weaknesses of their previous campaign. 

As the social media manager for the account, we streamline the activities base on the business goals of our clients and how we can effectively run campaigns that show’s result. 

Social Media Advertising

As the title suggest, Social Media Advertising is paid campaigns 

From Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads. 

Blue Brand work closely with clients’  KPI’s and run split test making sure that we are addressing the business goals of the client and ROIs

We utilize different social media tools and a lot of market research. 

Let's make some NOISE!

Film and Video Content

Visual visual visual. In the coming years, video is a MUST for your business. Whether it’s a promotional video, corporate events of something that speaks to your clients. 

What we do? 

  1. Promotional videos
  2. Short Films
  3. Featured Films
  4. Corporate Events
  5. Music Videos 
  6. Commercials
  7. Documentary 
  8. Film making

This service can be available anywhere in the world, however our Teams are based in the Philippines and UAE.


Staying update with your Instagram account, specially if you are in the hospitality and retail sector. Its a must that you keep your followers up to date with your photos. 

  1. Event Photography
  2. Commercial
  3. Product

Our teams are based in the Philippines and UAE, but we are not limited to these countries. We can travel to do this services, base on the agreements set forth by Blue Brand and the client.

Social Media Marketing Agency
Social Media Marketing Agency

Graphic Designs

Aesthetics is always a must to get one person’s attention. 

Working with Blue Brand will insure it’s client a  continuity of  design. 

This becomes your identity. This is basically why you are keeping the same designers, they help you create your identity and would be remembered synonymous to your niche.

Just like the big brands such as Coke, Pepsi, Nike, Adidas and a lot more. 


Blogging is actually one of the most effective tools to get that page up on the list. 

Through the use of SEO, blogging is the go-to avenue by a lot of digital marketers. 

People make an online search using words. This makes blogging the most important part of your online marketing activities. 

Social Media Consultancy
Social Media Marketing


With the rise of Youtubers, Social Media Influencers and those people who created their name as an authority to your niche. 

They provide value proposition about your business and influence their followers. 

Photo and Video Editing

We can edit your photos and videos using Adobe suite software, Da Vince and Filmora. 

Email Marketing

Another effective way to stay keep your clientele up to date with your products and promotion is email marketing. 

It is cost effective too. 

Utilizing this service in promotional or community centered email, will make tons of different.

Emails, whether promotional or simple greetings is a personal gesture. 

Google Ads

There are a lot of companies still utilizes this even if the study shows that Social Media Ads are becoming more effective than what you run over Google Ads.

Advertisers and marketers have mix thoughts about this. But, then again, it would depend on your business goals and marketing budget.